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Welcome to our website.
On our pages you can find detailed information about our products, our water well drill equipments.

Our company has dealt with professional water well drilling and administration of well�s authorisation for many years.

During our business trip in China in 2009 we have contracted with the Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., Ltd. to represent the Chinese partner and to distribute their products in Europe.

The company Sinodrills has exported well drilling head and drilling tools of the 5 biggest Chinese producers for all over the world, since years.

Thanks for the commercial quantity of our Chinese partner we are able to offer competitive prices and excellent quality products to our clients.

We can started the Best Quality PDC bit dealing! Check the bits for DRILL BITS  menu. Price with mail or phone.

You can get information about our prices under the: PRICES menu.

Certified Well Driller,

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